Panettone Milano Brera

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 G Cova Milano Panettone, Beautifully Hand Wrapped in Various Flavours

Clockwise: Classico - Traditional, Pistacchio Cream, Grancioccolato - Chocolate,  Pear & Chocolate, Limoncello, Marrons Glacés - Chestnuts.




    Pandoro Classico - Plain.


Left to Right: Panettone Classico - Traditional, Pandoro Classico - Plain, Offella.


Panettone Classico Gift Box - Traditional.


Clockwise: Panettone Classico Hat Box, 3 Assorted Mini Panettones,  Pasticceria Milano Biscuit Tin, Panettoncino Mini Classico POS, Mini Pannetone Classico POS.


Left to Right: Panettone Amarena Fabbri - Black Cherry, Panettoncino Classico Christmas POS.



Clockwise: Panettone Classico Satin Red Ribbon, Panettone Glazed Almond Topping Gold Ribbon, Panettone No Candied Peel Blue Ribbon , Panettone Pear & Chocolate Black Ribbon.


Left to Right: Panettone Classico Gold Ribbon - Traditional, Pandoro Classico Gold Ribbon.




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