We offer a wide range of imported Fancy Foods, Confectionery, Soft Drinks & Beverages

from historical European, family owned premium brands. 

A growing range of Quintessentially British everyday luxury lines & Seasonal Gifting,

together with innovative wellness, natural , sugar-free & reduced sugar lines.

Quaranta Italian Nougat Cakes

Pastiglie Leone 1857


       Galvanina Italian Premium Beverages


Pasta Giuseppe Cocco - Artisanal Pasta

Anis de Flavigny BonBons  Whittard of Chelsea 1886 Rieme Boissons - French Artisan Lemonades & Syrups  Maxims Paris Luxury Chocs & Gourmet
 Pasta Marella Colours  Franklin & Sons London  Virginia Amaretti Panettoni Biscotti  Panettone GCova Milano


 BonBons Barnier French Lolipop Trees

 Whittard of Chelsea 1886  Cafe-Tasse Belgian Chocolat Gifting  Le Preziose Fruit & Choc Jellys

  Fresh-As Freeze Dried Fruits & Powders