Panettoni Brera Milano G.Cova Xmas 2018 ORDERS OPEN

Christmas 2017 Pre Orders now open, closes end July.

Order forms on request only, kindly contact us on 021 510 1150 or email us at  for a more detailed order form.

 G Cova Milano Panettone, Beautifully Hand Wrapped in Various Flavours

Clockwise: Classico - Traditional, Pistacchio Cream, Grancioccolato - Chocolate,  Pear & Chocolate, Limoncello, Marrons Glacés - Chestnuts.




    Pandoro Classico - Plain.


Left to Right: Panettone Classico - Traditional, Pandoro Classico - Plain, Offella.


Panettone Classico Gift Box - Traditional.


Clockwise: Panettone Classico Hat Box, 3 Assorted Mini Panettones,  Pasticceria Milano Biscuit Tin, Panettoncino Mini Classico POS, Mini Pannetone Classico POS.


Left to Right: Panettone Amarena Fabbri - Black Cherry, Panettoncino Classico Christmas POS.



Clockwise: Panettone Classico Satin Red Ribbon, Panettone Glazed Almond Topping Gold Ribbon, Panettone No Candied Peel Blue Ribbon , Panettone Pear & Chocolate Black Ribbon.


Left to Right: Panettone Classico Gold Ribbon - Traditional, Pandoro Classico Gold Ribbon.