Virginia Amaretti & Panettone -  Xmas18 Order Book Open

Virginia Amaretti & Panettone - Xmas18 Order Book Open





Virginia Amaretti / Biscuits


Amaretti - Almond Biscuits available in various gift tins & boxes.



Soft Assorted Amaretti


Green Cube Tin filled with an assortment of soft amaretti: cocoa, coffee, raspberry, rum etc.



Soft Premium Almond Amaretti - Fruit Base


Left to Right: Round tins - Raspberry, Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry, Orange , Lemon.



Specialities : Soft & Crunchy Amaretti


Assorted Soft & Crunchy Amaretti in Tall Oblong Gold Gift Box & Tall Round Gold Tin.



Traditional Crunchy Amaretti


Assorted Traditional Crunchy Amaretti in Red Tins, Boxes & Bags.





Virginia Collection of Bulk Amaretti


Left to Right: Soft Premium Almond Amaretti, Soft Almond Amaretti, Traditional Crunchy Amaretti.




Amaretti Displays


Left to Right: Freestanding Floor Display 3 Tier, Metal Tin Display.




Virginia Collection of Marron Glaces

Marron Glaces in Gift box, Round Tin & bag.





 Christmas Panettone



Santa Claus Line

Left to Right: Traditional Low Bake Panettone in a Bonbon Santa Claus Wrapping , Tall Bake Panettone in White/Holly Box - Also available in a mini & Veronese Pandoro mini.




Panettone Display


Left to Right: Red Bonbon Wrapped Virginia Traditional Panettone Display 500g or 750g, Mini Panettone in White/Holly Box Display.



The Virginia Tradition

Left to Right: Low Bake Panettone in Red Bonbon Gift Wrapping 500g & 750g, Veronese Pandoro in Red Pyramid Box , Veronese Pandoro in White Berries Pyramid Box.




Classic Line


Left to Right: Tall Bake Panettone in Green Classic Tin , Low Bake Panettone in Green Classic Box, Veronese Pandoro in Green Classic Box.



Left to Right: Low Bake Panettone in Green Bonbon Gift Wrapping , Panettone with Amaretti & Chocolate Drops in Ivory Bonbon Gift Wrapping.