Antica Barberia - Arriving Summer 2017

Antica Barberia - Arriving Summer 2017

Antica Barberia is a pemium line of products for shaving and for beard and moustache care where you can recover the knowledge and skills typical of the barbers of ancient times.  The craftsmanship of the products, the attention for the detail and a sophisticated and elegant image, make the line an unique reference in the international field. Shaving tools and accessories together with fragrances provide the barbers all over the world a range of absolute excellence products. Everything is quality guaranteed belonging to Mondial 1908 Italian tradition that has meant passion and innovation in shaving products for over a century.

Antica Barberia Mondial Line Up          
                    Antica Barberia Mondial Strop                  

Antica Barberia Mondial Shaving Kit

                                                         Antica Barberia Mondial Display                                         






                                                                                                                                                      Antica Barberia Mondial Table                                          

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